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Swedish Funeral Candy

Great article from a cool blog about the relationship between food and funerals.

Nourishing Death


During the mid-nineteenth century in Sweden hard sugar candies, typically in the form of a corpse and wrapped in black crepe paper with fringes became a popular funeral favor.

Offered to funeral attendees with wine prior to the service, these little candy corpses wrapped up in a black shroud soon became a Swedish custom.

According to Mats Bigert, “The wrapper was fringed, and the length and width of the fringes suggested the age of the deceased; long and thin would indicate the death of an old person.” Shorter, wider fringe would then be indicative of a child or younger individual.

The wrappers would sometimes be adorned with ornately patterned silver paper, pictures of cherubs, or the more somber choice of a silhouetted crucifix or graveside setting.



Verses, prayers and poems attached to the candies were also commonplace. They ran the gamut from such grim treasures as:

The dark, quiet abyss;

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In 42-year-old cold case, suspected murder victim turns up alive

“She had no clue we thought she was dead,” trooper Nathan Trate said.

Source: In 42-year-old cold case, suspected murder victim turns up alive

Death Styles of the Rich and Famous: Stories From an Upper East Side Funeral Home

The author of a new memoir tells us what it was like to work at the place that gave John Lennon, Jackie Onassis, and Philip Seymour Hoffman their final sendoffs.

Source: Death Styles of the Rich and Famous: Stories From an Upper East Side Funeral Home | VICE | United States

Woman Keeps Friends and Family in the Dark About Terminal Prognosis

This is an interesting and thought-provoking Dear Abby letter. Not having been in this situation (thankfully!), I’m not sure what I would do. Is the time after receiving such a prognosis a time for selfishness or selflessness? Which kind? Should one be selfish and demand visits and comfort even if it makes some uncomfortable? Should one be selfless and not “burden” loved ones with such knowledge?

How about being selfless in allowing loved ones grieve your loss, love you, and find their closure as they need to while you are alive even if it negatively affects you? Or should you be selfish in taking care of yourself as well as possible and doing what you need during your last days even if that involves time away from loved ones?

In my particular situation, I think I’d prefer to be honest with my loved ones then strike a balance with my needs and their needs. If I’m up to it, I can allow them their grief process and allow them to say goodbye as they need to. If I’m not up to it, I’d be honest and let them know what I need then respect that. But, there are actually very few people in my life who would truly even care, so this probably wouldn’t be an issue for me!

What say you?

DEAR ABBY: I found out I have breast cancer again, except this time I am dying. I do not know when.

Source: Woman Keeps Friends and Family in the Dark About Terminal Prognosis

Craft Painting – Daisy Eyes Sugar Skull

This is a fun and easy craft project for Halloween! The possibilities are endless! One thing it does not say in the instructions but I would recommend, is to seal the terra cotta pot before painting so it won’t absorb your paint. I just use a clear spray sealer. Be sure to let it dry thoroughly before painting. is a great Web site full of ideas and tutorials. They even have a newsletter for crafty inspiration.

Source: Craft Painting – Daisy Eyes Sugar Skull

Black Hope Curse?

Interesting story out of the Houston area. I lived just north of Houston for many years and never heard about this. What do y’all think?

Black Hope curse

Source: Black Hope Curse – Unexplained Mysteries

Must. Have. Now!

Well, come payday, anyway! These are some awesome collars I found while perusing the interwebs today. The proceeds go toward canine cancer research. A worthy cause, I must say.


And they look so good! You know I’m totally digging (dogging?) the sugar skull print!

They are available here at Hartwood Roses. The blogger, Connie, is a Master Gardener and Certified Rosarian (had no idea there was such a thing!). She looks like a neat person and it’s obvious she’s a wiz at the sewing machine!

Made This Choker Today

Pretty pleased how it turned out.
Pretty pleased how it turned out.
What do y'all think?
What do y’all think?

Skull Coaster

This is awesome! I’ve always wanted to to leather craft.

Ashcraft Creative

Mark decided he needed a coaster to have at his desk at work, and wanted it based off a sketch he had done of a skull and flowers. Here they are side by side.

I wanted to show an image of the process, here on the right the design has just been cut into the leather, on the left the flower has been tooled.

Photo Aug 19, 10 39 45 PM
This is before the dye

Photo Aug 20, 9 45 30 PM
And this is after..


I just love how the flowers turned out.
Again, apologies for not posting as frequently, but I have a few other projects in the works I am excited to share with you soon.  In the meantime, follow us on Instagram as Ashcraftcreative to see what we are keeping busy with.

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